Investigating the resistance of a wire essay

However, since points 5 and 4 are common to 6, and points 2 and 3 common to 1, that same 10 volts also exists between these other pairs of points: If I measure for voltage between points in a circuit that are supposed to be common to each other, I should read zero.

Investigating the resistance of resistance wire

Close to the origin, the graph is almost straight or you can use the idea of the tangent to the graph. Power measured in watts, symbolized by the letter "W". About halfway through the simulation it displays the voltage at all nodes with reference to node 0.

It is not so pronounced. The same goes for points 3 and 4.

The Resistance Of A Wire

Now, what about power. Senator samuel ichiye hayakawa, one of the phrase into the multiple regression. We can re-write the equation to show this relationship: Importance of good sleep essay Importance of good sleep essay effective operation of nuclear power plant essays essay on quaid e azam.

Investigating the Resistance of a Wire Over Set Distances Essay Sample

I set up a circuit like show on the previous page and tested the wires fairly. If using a Microsoft operating system such as DOS or Windows, a couple of text editors are readily available with the system.

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Likewise, the power will increase as well: In schematic diagrams, resistor symbols are sometimes used to illustrate any general type of device in a circuit doing something useful with electrical energy. Nine times 20 is indeedso SPICE's output does indeed correlate with what we know about power in electric circuits.

Short essays for esl students lord of the flies essay jack intermediate 2 biology marking scheme for essay krysten ritter breaking bad essay essay on corruption in daily life inhalt vorwort dissertation defense. Whilst doing this experiment, we will need the following apparatus; an iron nail, a power pack, some wire to wrap around the nail, leads, crocodile clips, a variable resistor, and some paperclips.

Let's see how these equations might work to help us analyze simple circuits: During this time the coil heats up and the current changes quite rapidly.

Investigating the resistance of a wire?

A professor of east asian countries, bruce a. Preliminary For my preliminary I chose to investigate the relationship between the three different types of wire. In circuits where resistance varies with changes in either voltage or current, the plot of current over voltage will be nonlinear not a straight line.

Thickness of the wire, the thicker the wire I think will add more resistance because there are more metal ions in the wire to have collisions with electrons causing more resistance in the wire. Torque is the amount of twisting force produced by the engine, and it is usually measured in pound-feet, or lb-ft not to be confused with foot-pounds or ft-lbs, which is the unit for work.

You can check this by dividing watts by watts and seeing that the ratio between them is indeed 4. This is not to say that the terminal connection points are labeled the same, just the connecting wires.

They are typically constructed of metal wire or carbon, and engineered to maintain a stable resistance value over a wide range of environmental conditions. Resistors can also be shown to have varying rather than fixed resistances.

Current used to be 2 amps, but now it has increased to 6 amps Many other text editing programs are available, and some are even free. The straight-line plot of current over voltage indicates that resistance is a stable, unchanging value for a wide range of circuit voltages and currents.

If we try to apply Ohm's Law to find the resistance of this lamp circuit with the voltage and current values plotted above, we arrive at several different values. From this we can see that the electrons are moving counter-clockwise, from point 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 and back to 6 again.

For those who are not yet comfortable with algebra, there's a trick to remembering how to solve for any one quantity, given the other two.

Power is a measure of how rapidly a standard amount of work is done. We can describe the battery to the computer by typing in a line of text starting with the letter "v" for "Voltage source"identifying which wire each terminal of the battery connects to the node numbersand the battery's voltage, like this: Take a close look at the following circuit, and try to determine which points are common to each other: Work is generally defined in terms of the lifting of a weight against the pull of gravity.

Voltage measured in volts, symbolized by the letters "E" or "V". There are circuit components specifically engineered to provide nonlinear resistance curves, one of them being the varistor.

When choosing the wire I used a Micrometer to ensure that I had the correct thickness of wire and that it was reasonably accurate thickness of wire. I think this, as there will be less wire for the current to travel through therefore less resistance.

All that matters is that the components attach to each other in the same sequence. Wire Resistance Investigation Essay - Wire Resistance Investigation Planning Aim In this experiment the resistance change in a wire will be investigated.

I will be investigating if the thickness or cross-sectional diameter of the wire affects the resistance. The resistance of a length of wire is.

Investigating Resistance Essay

This occurs across the length of a wire and the electricity is conductedV/0. which is indicated in this investigation the wire Data Processing and Presentation: Sample Calculation R= V/I When current is 0.

Wires have resistance that depend on wire size, length, and type of material. Wires add series resistance to circuits, just as good and bad connections add resistance is directly proportional to the current I flowing through the resistance and the In circuits with combinations of resistors in series and parallel, the total resistance.

Average the resistivity and resistance values and record these values on your data sheet. v:F Resistance and Resistivity 5 6. Graph the resistance as a function of the inverse of the cross-sectional area (i.e.

the resistance, the voltage drop across the wire, and the current through the wire. 6. Suppose a piece of wire is connected to a. How the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance.

Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire. Current is the rate of flow of charge through a conductor, and it is measured in amps using an ammeter. Jun 10,  · Dangerous GU10 LED Spot Light is Cheap and Bright but could Kill You - Seriously - Duration: Julian Ilett 2, views.

Investigating the resistance of a wire essay
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