An overview of the characteristics of el nino a reoccurring phenomenon

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Some people believe that El Nino occurs as the result of underwater volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, however there is no proof or definitive cause known as of yet.

The ENSO cycle is the way scientists describe the fluctuations in temperature between the atmosphere and the ocean in the east-central Equatorial Pacific.

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During El Nino, the United States experiences wetter and cooler weather.

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Causes Of El Nino

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Personal Information Arthur KornbergAmerican biochemist and physician, claims he has never met a dull enzyme. Energy - Basics Principles 1. This warming of Pacific Ocean tropical water affects global weather.

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With the ocean temperature evened out, and the warmest waters being more toward the center of the ocean, the cloudy, rainy weather that typically occurs in the east now occurs in the center of the ocean. Which Book was written first. It is a natural climate change that occurs as semi-regular intervals.

The Definition of El Niño Kevin E. Trenberth National Center for Atmospheric Research,* Boulder, Colorado ABSTRACT A review is given of the meaning of the term “El Niño” and how it has changed in time, so there is no universal. El Niño warm events provide a fruitful case for the study of disaster-induced learning due to their reoccurring nature and the high level of uncertainty surrounding their impacts.

La Ni˜na is a climatological phenomenon akin to El Ni˜no, but with opposite tendencies in the tropical Pacific Ocean and atmosphere.

What is an El Niño?

La Ni˜na is characterized by stronger than normal trade winds and colder than normal tropical El Nino in Spanish means.

El Niño: El Niño, (Spanish: “The Christ Child”) in oceanography and climatology, the anomalous appearance, every few years, of unusually warm ocean conditions along the tropical west coast of South America.

This event is associated with adverse effects on fishing, agriculture, and local weather from Ecuador. The El Nino phenomenon, which occurs every three to five years, is caused by warmer water in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This water is warmer because as trade winds lessen or reverse their.

El Niño: A Global Weather Phenomenon In the context of climate and weather, the name El Niño originally referred to the warm ocean current that appears along the pacific coast of South America each year around Christmas.

An overview of the characteristics of el nino a reoccurring phenomenon
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